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We are committed to sourcing locally produced ingredients and complementing these with the highest quality Spanish produce. This means our menu is always seasonal and often changes. All the meat we use is reared to the highest standards and our fish comes from sustainable sources. We are always interested in hearing from producers who share these values

Red, Yellow & Green

Although the Spanish flag is red and yellow we like to think we have added a splash of green! From recycled packaging and cutlery to food with limited air miles, at Toro Poco we do all we can to keep our carbon footprint small  and our flavour big.

Even our van is recycled!

A business that cares

Each year we will donate 5% of net profits to charity. As we are only small  (at the moment) we currently chose to focus one charity a year, our current charity is Crisis,. We always look to support charities and groups that are less well known and for whom any amount can make a real difference.

No food goes to waste at Toro Poco and at the end of each day we aim to donate any left over produce to local homeless shelters. That way we can do our bit to help and you know that you will always be eating freshly prepared food.